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 Jiraiya The Frog Hermit

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PostSubject: Jiraiya The Frog Hermit   Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:56 pm

Name: Jiraiya

Sex: Male

Age: 50

Clothes: (Reveiw Picture at bottom)

Hair color, Length, Eye color: White, Knee level, Black

Organization: Sannin

Village: Konoha (Hidden in the Leaves)

Weapons: N/A

Items: Scroll of Toad Summoning

Barrier Technique
Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile
Fire Release: Fireball
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet
Fire Sealing Method
Five Elements Unseal
Frog Conversion Technique
Hermit Mode
Hermit's Art: Boiling Oil
Hermit's Art: Deep Fryer
Hermit's Art: Hair Needle Barrage
Wild Lion's Mane Technique
Jiraiya's Toad Transport Technique (Unnamed)
Needle Guardian
Sage Techniques
Summoning Technique (Toads)
Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind
Shadow Clone Technique
Toad Flat Shadow Control Technique
Toad Oil Projectile
Transparent Escape Technique
Twin Rasengan
Ultimate Rasengan

Character Traits: Lighthearted, witty, clever, and most notably of all, perverted. Jiraiya is a entertaining mix of wisdom, loyalty, and childish antics. He can be very serious should the situation demand so and holds strong loyalty to the village of Konoha, regardless that he had left the settlement many years ago. Jiraiya is very open about his perverseness yet he dislikes being called things like Ero-sennin in public by others such as Naruto. He’s always keeping his eyes on woman and frequently commenting on Tsunade’s appearance.

Bio: Despite the fact that he left Konoha for many years, Jiraiya has maintained a strong allegiance with his hometown. During Orochimaru's invasion of Konoha, he helps fend off the invading forces in order to protect the village. When Konoha finds itself in need of a new Hokage after the Third Hokage's death, Jiraiya volunteers to look for Tsunade so that she can become the Third's successor after turning down the position himself. His reason for refusing the position is, among other things, that he feels unworthy to take the role since he failed to save either of the previous Hokages from dying. After he finds Tsunade and begins to suspect that she may be assisting Orochimaru, he makes it clear that he will kill her if she betrays the village.
Jiraiya is a self-proclaimed super-pervert with no equal and a frequent voyeur, going so far as to create the Transparent Escape Technique (透遁術, Tōton Jutsu; English TV "Transparency Jutsu") to allow him to spy on naked women without being caught (doing "research" as he calls it, even as a child). He never actually hides his perversion and even seems proud of it, as seen when he told the Third Hokage about it when he was still a child. Despite this, Jiraiya doesn't like being called Ero-sennin (エロ仙人; English TV "Pervy Sage"; Literally meaning "Perverted hermit" or "Erotic hermit") by Naruto Uzumaki in front of others.
Jiraiya's perversion has been used against him on occasion's, as seen when Naruto gets Jiraiya to start training him after a simple display of the Sexy Technique. When two Akatsuki members later try to distract Jiraiya, they use a hypnotized woman to catch his eye and keep him busy. While their effort initially succeeds, Jiraiya eventually sees through their plot due solely to the fact that women do not typically express interest in him. His peeping habits have also caused him great injury on one occasion; when caught spying on Tsunade in his younger years, she proceeded to break both of his arms, six of his ribs, and ruptured a number of organs as punishment.
Some time after leaving Konoha, Jiraiya became an author of adult novels, his most popular work being "Make-Out Paradise" (イチャイチャパラダイス, Icha Icha Paradaisu), a personal favorite of Kakashi Hatake. The novels are based on his rejections in love that he retells in a comical way. In a filler episode of the anime, Naruto ghostwrites one of Jiraiya's Icha Icha novels and the book is found to be very popular, indicating that Naruto is capable of writing on the same level as Jiraiya, or that Jiraiya's writing abilities are no better than those of a child. Tsunade seems to suspect that the latter is true, as she notes that a report on the Onbaa he wrote as a child, accompanied by crude crayon illustrations, was poorly written. Although Jiraiya's writing ability may have increased dramatically since his childhood. The popularity of the Icha Icha series seems to have paid off well, as Jiraiya's checkbook reveals that he is fairly wealthy. Despite his wealth, Jiraiya is not above taking Naruto's money and spending it on sake and women, and frequently disappears when Naruto attempts to make him pay.
Jiraiya has also been known to show off even during a fight. This showing off typically takes the form of traditional kabuki poses, keeping with his hermit theme. He becomes annoyed if he is interrupted for whatever reason while trying to strike a pose.
Jiraiya can become extremely serious in battle or when he is about important bussiness (i.e like when Naruto says he wants to give him self to the Akatsuki) and also often has a serious voice in his head but he never says what he is thinking or discusses important matter with another person.
As mentioned above, the Kanji on Jiraiya's headband means "oil," but in Mandarin Chinese, it also means "sly". So it's a bit of a double entendre for both his abilities and his personality.

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PostSubject: Re: Jiraiya The Frog Hermit   Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:26 am

Approved, welcome to the forums, all you need to do to fully register is add an avatar and register your jutsus.

There is no death, only a new beginning, there is no life, only an old end and when that is realized, you will begin to understand why I have done this.
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Male Number of posts : 58
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PostSubject: Re: Jiraiya The Frog Hermit   Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:43 am

Tis now done!
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PostSubject: Re: Jiraiya The Frog Hermit   

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Jiraiya The Frog Hermit
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