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 Nara Shikamaru

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Shikamaru Nara
Leaf Chuunin
Leaf Chuunin

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PostSubject: Nara Shikamaru   Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:53 pm

Name: Nara Shikamaru
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Clothes: Black jump suit covering the entire body followed by a green forest jacket (no sleeves) covering the chest and neck. Bandage tape wrapped around right thigh with equipment pack attached to the right side.
Hair colour, length, eye colour: Black, bound in ponytail which extends several inches out remaining level. Brown (As I can see)
Rank/Organization: (Kage, Jounin, Akatsuki, Missing Nin etc.) Chunnin
Village: Konoha
Weapons: Two Hand-to-Hand Combat Blades formally used by Asuma.
Character Traits: Lazy, yet very Intelligent.
Bio: (no less than 3 lines)
As a genin, Shikamaru Nara was the sort of unenthusiastic kid who likes watching clouds. He prefers not to get involved in "troublesome" situations as during the attack on Konoha by the Sand and Sound villages where he pretends to be unconscious. He is fully aware of this side of his personality and even dubs himself "the number one at running away" or "the number one coward". However, when duty calls, Shikamaru has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment to his comrades. Even though by his own testimony he lacks bravery, he will sacrifice himself and face almost certain death for the sake of his friends or village's people without a second thought, such as when he stayed behind to confront a team of Sound ninja, giving Naruto enough time to catch up with Sasuke
Shikamaru has a longstanding friendship with Choji, in whom he has complete trust. Before they were promoted to Chunin rank, Shikamaru, Choji and Ino were on the same Genin team under Asuma. Their fathers were on the same team as well. Their teamwork is unparalleled.
Shikamaru loves to play thinking games that older men are usually into, such as Shogi and Go. He is a brilliant strategist, and though his sensei, Asuma Sarotobi, often plays against Shikamaru, Asuma has never actually managed to beat him. Asuma got suspicious upon realizing that Shikamaru was so good at board games despite his abysmal grades, which were almost as low as Naruto's. As a result, Asuma administered an IQ test disguised as a game to Shikamaru, which revealed that Shikamaru was a genius with an IQ of over 200. Shikamaru had felt that even moving his pencil in class was a bother and always slept through tests, resulting in his low grades.
Shikamaru has a habit of putting his fingers together to create a square and closing his eyes so he can concentrate and come up with a strategy. Once he does, which often takes only a few minutes, he is is able to think ten moves ahead of his opponent with over a hundred strategies ready to be used, even being able to plan out "the next 200 moves in advance".
Since he has been promoted to Chunin, his responsibility for the lives of his friends has weighed very heavily on him on occasion.

Desired personal rank (to be displayed below your forum name) Chunnin
Other: Shikamaru's most distinctive character trait is that he finds all women bossy and "troublesome." Given his mother's tyrannical personality, this isn't too surprising; however, his father shares the exact same attitude despite marrying her in the first place. Despite this attitude he has expressed a notably mature interest in marriage and raising a family: "Marry someone who is not too ugly and not too pretty. Have two children, first a girl, then a boy. Retire after my daughter is married and my son becomes a successful ninja, and spend the rest of my life playing Shogi or Go. Then die before my wife.". Shikamaru dislikes fighting women, but ironically most of his opponents have been female.
His favorite dish is mackerel and kelp; his least is boiled eggs. His favorite phrase is "Live each day quietly."
Birthday : Sept 22.
Blood Type : AB
Height : 162.1 cm
Weight : 43.9
Quotes :
"What a drag."
"Shadow possestion jutsu!"
"And that's what I call using your head!"
"Now who's hearing bells?"
"What an aggressive woman... She's even scarier than my mom."
"How troublesome."
"Such a pain..."
"That is why women are..."
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikamaru   Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:03 am


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Itachi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikamaru   Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:07 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikamaru   

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Nara Shikamaru
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