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 Itachi Uchiha

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Itachi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Itachi Uchiha   Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:46 am

Name:Itachi Uchiha
Clothes:akatsuki robe
Hair colour:Bleack length:167 eye colour:Brown
Weapons:Normal Shinobi weopons
Character Traits:Itachi is a very Quiet person!But when it gets to fight then he will use hes true power!
Bio: The young Uchiha Itachi was a skilled prodigy of Leaf Village. He graduated the Ninja Academy at age 7 and passed the Chuunin Exam at age 10. By age 13 Itachi had become a captain in the special ANBU squad. During his youth Itachi looked out for his younger brother Sasuke and encouraged him to train and grow. Sasuke looked up to Itachi and saw his brother grow distant over time. During this time Itachi had come under the tutelage of Uchiha Madara, a legendary Uchiha clan member. Madara and his brother were the first to attain the Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi learned that to obtain Mangekyou, clan members would kill their best friends. Because Mangekyou usage leads to blindness, to avoid the side effect the Mangekyou user could kill their sibling and take their Mangekyou eyes to obtain "Eternal" Mangekyou. This version of the Mangekyou would never lead to blindness. With this in mind, Itachi's view of his clan and their power began to change.

Itachi began to express that his clan was not using their gifts to their fullest capacity. To test his potential he secretly killed his best friend Shisui, which granted him the Mangekyou. Detectives from the Uchiha Police Corps questioned Itachi about Shisui's death but Itachi pleaded innocent; however he did let the detectives and his father know of his distaste for the clan's methods. A short time later Itachi and Madara moved to kill the rest of the clan. How much of the plan was Madara's idea or Itachi's own is unclear. One night Madara and Itachi began to take out the Uchiha. While Itachi himself stood over the body of his slain parents, Sasuke arrived to see the horrible scene. Itachi let Sasuke know that he could also gain the Mangekyou. Itachi hoped the massacre would drive Sasuke to his absolute limits and obtain Mangekyou as well. Sasuke would thus be Itachi's spare, a vessel to eventually provide him with "Eternal" Mangekyou. Itachi then directed Sasuke to a secret scroll which explained the final power of the Sharingan.

After wiping out his clan, Itachi fled Leaf and joined the Akatsuki Organization. Itachi was directed to help recruit a new potential member, Deidara. Together with Hoshigaki Kisame and Sasori, the trio tracked down Deidara and asked him to join the group. Deidara said he wanted nothing to do with them, so Itachi stated that if he defeated Deidara in battle, he would have to join. Deidara launched explosive animals to attack but quickly learned that he had made no such moves. The power of Itachi's Sharingan Genjutsu had overwhelmed Deidara so he relented. Deidara would carry his hatred for the Uchiha's Sharingan forever afterwards. Some time later, Orochimaru approached Itachi in the hopes of taking over his body for his own. Itachi's Sharingan proved too much for Orochimaru as well, binding him in place. Itachi then cut off Orochimaru's arm, causing the Leaf Sannin to flee and leave the group.

Several years later, Itachi finally returned to Konoha with his partner Kisame. Akatsuki sought to obtain the Kyuubi demon from inside Naruto for their own ends. The two men began to do battle with Hidden Leaf ninja, including Sharingan wielder Hatake Kakashi. Seeking to prove his was the more skilled user, Itachi used his Tsukuyomi attack on Kakashi. Tsukuyomi, one of the three Mangekyou attacks, was the most powerful Genjutsu of the Mangekyou. This ability placed the victim in a world of the Mangekyou User's own choosing and control. The victim could be put through any hell for several days, while only seconds pass in reality. When more reinforcements began to arrive, Itachi and Kisame fled. A short time afterwards Sasuke learned that Itachi had returned to the village in search of Naruto. Seeing his chance for revenge finally come, Sasuke quickly ran to track down Naruto.

Itachi and Kisame themselves had already found their target. While Naruto and Jiraiya had stopped to rest at a hotel, Itachi surprised and confronted Naruto. Before they could subdue Naruto, Sasuke arrived. Charging his Chidori, Sasuke bolted towards his brother. Itachi easily swatted the attack aside and kicked his brother into a nearby wall. Pinning Sasuke to the wall, he asked why his brother was still so weak. Wanting to further goad him into gaining more hatred, Itachi forced Sasuke to relive the moment of his parents murder over and over again with Tsukuyomi. Jiraiya arrived and Itachi let his partner know that if the three did battle, they would sure all die in the process. And since the need to capture Naruto was not immediate, the two then fled yet again. Jiraiya attempted to stop the duo, but Itachi used Amaterasu, another Mangekyou attack. This powerful black fire acted as the strongest of Mangekyou's physical attacks.

Over the next few years the duo would continue to help Akatsuki accomplish their goals. When members Deidara and Sasori captured Gaara, Kisame and Itachi volunteered to help delay the ninja who had been trailing them. Itachi once again had the opportunity to fight both Kakashi and Naruto. Itachi revealed some new skills during this battle, including the ability to cast a Genjutsu just by having his target look at his ring finger. Naruto fell victim to the attack but was helped by Sakura and elder Sand ninja Chiyo. The combined skills of Kakashi and Naruto were enough to get the better of Itachi, with Naruto striking him with Odama Rasengan. It was quickly revealed to merely be a sacrificial host body. Itachi himself was miles away acting through the sacrifice in exchange for some small measure of his chakra.

Their delay plan worked, and the group managed to extract Shukaku from Gaara before they could be stopped. Itachi and the group then took their leave. Some weeks later Itachi and Kisame were dispatched to capture the Four-Tailed Bijuu. This demon was contained in an elder ninja who was able to wield many elemental combination attacks. Kisame proved more than capable of taking him down. The two men then discussed the proper approach to sealing the Bijuu, figuring they would need to leave Naruto and the Kyuubi for last. The group then gathered and Itachi learned that Deidara had killed Sasuke in battle.

After the battle, Akatsuki member Zetsu reported the outcome to the group. Seeing Sasuke disappear in Deidara's final explosion, Zetsu had assumed that Sasuke had died, while he had really transported himself away via summoning. Pain, the leader of the group said that Sasuke's death was a good thing, but Itachi remained silent on the matter. A short time later Pain met in secret with fellow Akatsuki member Tobi, who was actually Uchiha Madara. Madara explained that Sasuke had survived and that his Sharingan would surpass Itachi's as well. Itachi himself remained in the countryside, watching the rain fall. Kisame questioned whether the rain hid tears since Itachi was the last Uchiha. Itachi said it didn't and that he wasn't the last one anyway. Sasuke and his Team Snake continued their journey to track down Itachi, eventually arriving at an old Akatsuki base.

Elsewhere Itachi moved to confront Naruto, who was searching for him with teams from Konoha. Naruto asked if Itachi planned to capture him, Itachi explained that he only wanted to talk. Before Naruto could learn more, Itachi dispersed into crows to handle matters elsewhere. Inside the Akatsuki base Sasuke found his brother. The two engaged in battle after some nostalgic small talk. Sasuke quickly gained the upper hand but Itachi dispersed into crows once again, telling his brother their fight would conclude on more familiar turf, another compound used by the Uchiha. Team Snake continued on and were confronted by Kisame. Sasuke had his team stay behind while he moved on towards his final confrontation with Itachi. Within the hilltop Uchiha compound Itachi watched his younger brother arrive. Reclining in a stone throne in front of a painting of nine tails, Itachi asked his brother what he saw with his Sharingan. Sasuke replied he saw his brother's death.

In an instant Itachi stood beside Sasuke and stated he would see how good Sasuke's vision was. The brothers then began to engage in hand to hand combat. Sasuke moved to use his sword and Itachi used his kunai in defense. Sasuke formed Chidori and maneuvered Itachi into the air, where he pierced him with his sword. Sasuke pinned Itachi to the ground and offered than when the battle was through, he would ask a question. Itachi merely pointed to the figure reclining in the throne, Itachi himself. The Genjutsu disappeared and Itachi stated Sasuke could go ahead and ask now. Suddenly a blade pierced through the throne's back, revealing Sasuke had used a Genjutsu as well. Sasuke then asked who the third Mangekyou user was. Itachi revealed it was Uchiha Madara, but Sasuke did believe it. Itachi explained to his brother that people live their lives based on their definitions of reality, like the way Sasuke believed Itachi cared for his younger brother.

Sasuke then yelled that his eyes are fully open now. Turning, he sent a Chidori sword towards yet another reclining Itachi. Itachi offered that Sasuke still didn't have the Mangekyou, but Sasuke responded that it did not matter. At this point Zetsu emerged to observe and commentate on the fight, revealing the two brothers had still not moved from the time of Sasuke's initial arrival. All their movements to that point had been carried out in Genjutsu.

Itachi then explained the Mangekyou's side effects to Sasuke. Sasuke offered that he knew secrets about the Mangekyou as well, stating that blindness is the cost of being able to control the Kyuubi. Something revealed to him by the secret scroll in the Uchiha shrine. Itachi then began to explain the process of obtain "Eternal" Mangekyou. A joy sprang to Itachi's face as he finally revealed that Sasuke would be his spare. The two brothers would carry out the Uchiha legacy: the killing of friends to obtain Mangekyou, and the killing of siblings to make it eternal. Sasuke felt the manic drive within Itachi and brushed it off, stating the moment of his revenge had finally come. Itachi replied that since Sasuke had never attained Mangekyou, his revenge would never happen. Sasuke let his brother know he was wrong; the power of his hate would make it a reality.

Sasuke then launched wave after wave of shuriken which Itachi reflected in turn with his own. The two brothers then drew blades and exchanged attacks. Sasuke followed by hurling a giant shuriken which cut through one of Itachi's clones. The clone dispersed into crows which blocked Itachi's quick movement to pin Sasuke to the wall. A helpless Sasuke then cried out as Itachi removed his eye. Sasuke then used his cursed seal to generate a wing and knock Itachi back. Itachi offered that their power difference was too great and then restrained Sasuke again and moved to take his other eye. Reality then broke down revealing Itachi had used Tsukuyomi. Sasuke collapsed but Itachi grabbed at his left eye, revealing it was Sasuke himself who broke the powerful Genjutsu, causing it to backfire against Itachi. Itachi said he would make that dream of taking Sasuke's eyes a reality, and he would do it with Amaterasu.

Itachi focused his eye and Sasuke hurled another giant shuriken before he could begin. Itachi avoided the blade but then saw another in its shadow. He avoided it as well, but Sasuke was one step ahead, using wire to break apart one of the shuriken and bring one of its blades back into Itachi's calf. Itachi removed the blade and looked at Sasuke with dim vision. The brothers exchanged fireballs and took the fight to the roof. As they exchanged flames the tide began to turn against Itachi. He then closed his right eye and began to launch bursts of black Amaterasu fire. Sasuke moved to avoid the bursts but one connected with his hand wing. Sasuke collapsed to the roof and blood began to fall from Itachi's right eye. As he moved to take his brother's eyes, he saw that the body was a molten shell, with the real Sasuke in the room below. Sasuke had used Orochimaru's replacement technique to avoid the attack and get into position. Sasuke then went fully level two and began to unleash gigantic dragon fireballs upwards towards his brother. Many missed but one connected with Itachi's right arm. Both brothers went to their knees exhausted but Sasuke stated he had one final jutsu.

Itachi told his brother to drop the act, as he knew he was out of chakra. Sasuke said that was true, but he came prepared. Lightning began to crackle in the heavens above and Sasuke raised a Chidori charged fist to call down his impossible to avoid attack. As rain began to fall it was revealed the dragon fireballs had been used to heat up the sky and help generate thunder clouds. This allowed Sasuke to control the generated lightning, which would be more powerful and quicker than any elemental lightning. Itachi was hit directly by the attack and the compound was obliterated. Sasuke fell to his knees in triumph but Itachi was not yet done. As he rose a skeletal form began taking shape around him. Itachi acknowledged Sasuke's strength and revealed that it would have been his end if not for his own last Mangekyou jutsu, Susanoo. Soon the skeleton grew muscle and armor took shape.
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PostSubject: Re: Itachi Uchiha   Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:41 am

Approved, welcome to the forums, register your jutsus now.

There is no death, only a new beginning, there is no life, only an old end and when that is realized, you will begin to understand why I have done this.
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Itachi Uchiha
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