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 Hidan (Akatsuki)

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PostSubject: Hidan (Akatsuki)   Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:47 am

Name: Hidan



Clothes: Akatsuki cloak. Amulet around neck.

Hair Color, Length, eye color:

White/purple,Medium length, pulled back slick around the head. Light Purple Eyes.


Village: Unknown

Weapons: Large, 3 bladed Scythe, tinted red. Rope hold to scythe, with a heavy large weight at other end. Spikes/pikes.

Sadistic. Egotistical and over-confident. Merciless and quick (as well as willing) to kill. Religiously fanatical, and profane and hate-mongering to all.


Hidan belongs to a cult-like faith known as Jashin (Evil God), a religion that worships a deity of the same name as it's faith. The primary teaching of the faith appears to be outright slaughter, where anything less than utter death is considered a sin. The amulet around his neck is a symbol of Jashin and he uses it to pray to his god before battling, requesting a good kill, or (when he is not allowed to so) for forgiveness. After a fight, should he have time, Hidan performs a thirty-minute ritual consisting of lying within a Jashin symbol inscribed on the ground with a pike impaled through his chest. Hidan claims to be very devout to his faith, refusing to battle without praying, and often claiming to be bringing his god's judgment down on his opponents. It is unknown which hidden village Hidan is from, since his headband shows a symbol unlike any known hidden village, though it could be a village that is very religious like Hidan is.

Other: Unknown reasons or orgins base his ability of invulnerability, as well as his rapid healing rate.

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PostSubject: Re: Hidan (Akatsuki)   Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:49 am

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Hidan (Akatsuki)
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