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 Kabuto Yakushi

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PostSubject: Kabuto Yakushi   Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:33 pm

Name: Kabuto Yakushi
Sex: Male
Clothes:Kabuto wears an Oto headband on his forehead. He also wears round glasses with a black rim around the glass. He wears a loose dark purple vest with a collar that goes up to underneath his chin. His vest goes down to around his waist. Wears a light blue t-shirt under the vest, the sleeves end in between his shoulder and his elbows. During the sound-sand war in Konoha he wore an ANBU cloak and mask. This cloak is completely black and reaches all the way down to his feet. It also has a hood which he wore over his head to completely conceal his physical appearance.

Kabuto's waist is wrapped around with a very light brown cloth, which covers the bottom of his shirt and the top of his pants. He wears fingerless gloves with a metal plate on top (ANBU gloves). These gloves go all the way up to his elbows and they are the same colour as his shirt and pants. He wears pants the same color as his vest. The end of his pant legs are folded, and they end at his shins. His pants also have no pockets.

Kabuto wears a standard light brown weapon pouch on the back of his waist, like most shinobi. So far he has only been seen with kunais in that pouch. Wears a standard black kunai holster with a black strap that wraps around his right thigh. He also has white bandages wrapped around that thigh underneath the kunai holster. He also wears the standard blue shinobi shoes, which end above his angles and leaves his toes exposed.
Hair colour, length, eye colour: Grey, meduim, black
Rank/Organization:Jounin, Disguised as Genin
Village:Hidden Sound
Character Traits:He can go from a lighthearted and polite teenager into a twisted and sadistic maniac in a matter of seconds. He also enjoys playing mind games with his enemies often unnerving them by pointing out their weaknesses and turning personal horrors against them, like when he exploited Tsunade's hemophobia by spraying her with his own blood. He is usually very calm and has never been seen angry. He is usually surprised when an opponent uses an interesting technique he has never seen before, like when Naruto hit him with Rasengan.

Kabuto always appears to be happy, because he usually has a smirk on his face. However, he hides his emotions with his smirk, which is why he appears to be happy. He is also very thingyy and arrogant. He is very loyal to Orochimaru and always protects him, like when Tsunade tried to kill Orochimaru with a medical ninjutsu. However, he has shown some difference of opinion with Orochimaru in the past. He seems to not be effected by any insults thrown at him, and usually retorts with a smart answer. He also seems to never be afraid, and is confident in his abilities.

Although Kabuto runs away when necessary, he enjoys fighting strong opponents, like when he was disappointed because Orochimaru told Kabuto to fight the others so he could fight Jiraiya. He is a traitorous characater, because he was a spy. Because of this, despite his appearance of strong loyalty, he may end up betraying Orochimaru. Kabuto is the type of person who will do whatever is necessary to get the job done, which is weird because it conflicts with his somewhat laid-back attitude.

Bio:Kabuto's origins remain largely unknown, but his background in Konoha was explained by Anko Mitarashi during the preliminary of the Chunin Exam. He was raised by the chief medical officer of the Konoha Medical Unit Squad, who found him at the battle of Kikyo ("Bellflower") Pass when he was still a little boy. He was the only survivor of the battle, found lying with the bodies of the enemy all around him.

From then on, he was raised in the Yakushi family. Since his step-father was the chief medical officer, Kabuto was taught how to heal, the Shosen no Jutsu, the year before he entered the academy. He showed great talent with this skill, and his family was pleased with his skill. They enlisted Kabuto into the shinobi academy at the age of 9. He showed great skill with all of the basic techniques required to graduate, but his taijutsu was not above average. After three years in the academy, he graduated from the academy at the age of 12. Although he did not graduate as the best student because of his taijutsu, he was still one of the top graduates of his class because of his skill with jutsus and because he was book-smart.

Kabuto was then assigned two teammates and a sensei. They did the bell test and it was Kabuto who realized that it was just a test of teamwork, so the team ended up passing the test. 3 months later, the team was finally assigned a C-rank mission, which was to help a small village being attacked by bandits. The mission turned out to be more than it first appeared, as the bandits were led by none other than Sasori of the Red Sand. It also turned out that there were no bandits at all, just an army of puppets Sasori was controlling. Kabuto, his teammates, and his sensei engaged Sasori in battle. However, Kabuto was told to stay behind because he was the team's medic nin. The jounin-sensei and his subordinates were no match for Sasori, so they were killed. This made Kabuto realize how weak he currently was, and that he didn't have the power to save his teammates.

As Kabuto was returning to Konoha, he was intercepted by Sasori. Sasori offered to make Kabuto his subordinate, and promised Kabuto the power to protect the people important to him. Kabuto accepted Sasori's offer because he knew he needed to become stronger. Sasori placed Kabuto under a special hypnosis, and then revealed himself as a member of an organization called Akatsuki. He explained the Akatsuki to Kabuto, and Kabuto thought that the Akatsuki's plans were brilliant.

Kabuto returned to Konoha with the news of the death of his team. He was assigned a new team, but he secretly trained with Sasori, whenever Sasori came near Konoha. Sasori assisted Kabuto in creating his powerful medical ninjutsus, and then Kabuto developed his ability to regenerate, which made Kabuto an interest to many other powerful figures, including Sasori's former partner, Orochimaru. Sasori realized this as an opportunity to spy on his ex-partner, so he sent Kabuto to become Orochimaru's subordinate. Of course, Orochimaru accepted, but he discovered that Kabuto was under a powerful hypnosis. Orochimaru easily dispelled it and then worked on making Kabuto loyal to him. Orochimaru introduced to Kabuto the idea of making a new shinobi village, the destruction of Konoha, and the eventual destruction of Akatsuki. Kabuto liked the idea of the destruction of Akatsuki, because he still wanted revenge on Sasori, and only accepted becoming Sasori's apprentice in the first place with the hope of becoming stronger than him.

So Kabuto became a spy for Orochimaru, so he spied on Sasori and his new partner Deidara. Kabuto honed his skills with medical ninjutsu while training with Orochimaru, while he improved his healing skills and knowledge of the human body with his family. This was how Kabuto spent his whole life as a genin, seeing as he never made it to chuunin rank.

Kabuto has since risen to become Orochimaru's personal medic, assistant, and general right-hand man. This is mainly because of Kabuto's unique ability to reactivate dead cells and grow new ones, and also likely for his detailed knowledge of human physiology; Kabuto's talent for keeping test subjects alive is helpful as well.

Kabuto participated in and failed the Chuunin exams seven times to collect detailed information on all the participants. During his last one as a Konoha-nin, he befriended Team 7 to collect information on Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke.

After having his glasses knocked off in a battle with a group of Rain Genin, Kabuto's eyes became blood shot and red, hinting at a mysterious ability; bloodlust was evident in his expression. Naruto's attack on the Rain Genin stopped Kabuto from revealing the purpose of his altered eyes. After purposefully forfeiting in the Chunin exams preliminaries, Kabuto implies that his red-eyed state could be dangerous, and would have compromised his position as a spy.

Sasuke was hospitalized after the preliminaries, and Orochimaru ordered Kabuto to kidnap him. Before Kabuto left, Orochimaru reminded him that the only way to stop his ultimate plan was to kill Sasuke, since Kabuto has no chance of killing Orochimaru. Kabuto almost takes this advice, as he is seen holding a scalpel to Sasuke's throat, but was interrupted by Kakashi Hatake before he could do anything.

Later on he murdered another ANBU to disguise himself and sneak into the Chuunin exam stadium where he watched over several battles. During this he unexpectedly applied medical aid to Hinata when injuries she had suffered during her battle with Neji began playing up. Shortly after he knocked Kiba unconscious to preserve his cover since Akamaru recognized his scent. In the middle of the battle between Sasuke and Gaara he activated Temple of Nirvana Technique, rendering almost everyone in the stadium unconscious. He remained in the arena for the remainder of the battle. After a confrontation with Kakashi, he and Baki retreated, claiming that if he stayed Kakashi would just copy his moves.

Kabuto appears again in the Search for Tsunade arc with Orochimaru, who had hoped to have Tsunade heal his sealed arms by offering to bring her dead brother and lover back to life. Though it seems that Tsunade will do so, Kabuto knows better. Being a medical ninja, he recognizes killing intent in the chakra that is supposed to heal Orochimaru, and cuts her off before she can administer it.

Later on, he battles her for Orochimaru, and realizes her enormous strength and medical ninjutsu will wear him down if he can't do something to balance things out. Kabuto takes a soldier pill to boost his strength and chakra temporarily then uses medical ninjutsu to sever various muscles in her legs and arms and even costal muscles to hamper her breathing. Even this is insufficient though to stop her from overpowering Kabuto so to remove her from the fight altogether he cuts himself and splashes Tsunade with his blood, eliciting her hemophobia and throwing her into a state of shock. Kabuto then follows with taking a blood pill to replace his blood-loss so far to better continue to fight.

He also battles Shizune and Naruto, commenting on the skill of Shizune before using his chakra scalpel to make short work of her. Naruto doesn't do much better, overall, but is able to disable Kabuto by first stopping his kunai in mid-attack to hold Kabuto in position and then using his Rasengan for the first time. Kabuto gathers regenerative chakra in his abdomen to counteract the incoming damage, but Kabuto uses up all of his chakra and is left unable to stand. As Naruto hits him, however, Kabuto severs the chakra circulatory system around Naruto's heart, simultaneously leaving him near-death and preventing the demon fox's chakra from healing the injury. Luckily for Naruto, Tsunade recovers enough to heal the supposedly fatal wound. After the battle between the three Sannin and their summons, Kabuto and Orochimaru retreat.

Kabuto plays a small role in the Sasuke Retrieval arc. As he and Orochimaru await in their lair for Sasuke to arrive, he tries to convince Orochimaru to transfer to a new body before he dies. Kabuto even offers himself as a host. Orochimaru is unwilling to switch bodies, but Kabuto prepares anyway by having the prisoners in their hideout fight until only one is left standing. He also indirectly convinces Kimimaro Kaguya to assist the Sound Four, despite his terminal illness.

Kabuto's next appearance takes place during the Sasuke and Sai arc. It had been discovered that he was one of Sasori's sleeper agents, so Team Kakashi, with Yamato as its leader, went to meet with him and he met with Yamato (disguised as Sasori) on a bridge in the Grass country.

However, it was revealed that Orochimaru had undone the hypnosis that was placed on Kabuto, and thus, he seems to currently be loyal to Orochimaru. While pretending to be meeting his former master, he and Orochimaru had intended to assassinate the Akatsuki member. He also reveals he had never seen Sasori face to face. While Orochimaru battles a four-tailed demon fox Naruto, Kabuto, Sakura and Yamato watch from afar. After Orochimaru forces Naruto down, Kabuto comments on Naruto's desperation, that he would allow himself to become so twisted by the demon fox just to save his friend. This provokes Sakura to try and calm Naruto down, but Naruto lacks the ability to tell freind from foe and merely smacks her aside. After Yamato forces Naruto's transformation to recede, Kabuto heals Sakura's injured arm and then retreats to meet up with Orochimaru.

After interrupting the meeting between Orochimaru and Sai, Kabuto joins them journeying to their lair. While on route he leaves a hanged corpse disguised as Sai to throw off their pursuers. He later requests another body from Orochimaru, because he cannot stand things being out of sequence in his body storing scroll. This callous statement even seems to leave Orochimaru a little nervous. Throughout the trip he remains suspicious of Sai.

Part of Sai's mission was to provide a list of ninja on Konoha's ANBU squad list. Orochimaru instructs Kabuto to create a bingo book of this data, but he leaves it behind in Sai's room. On returning he finds Sai missing, Sai having been captured by Team Kakashi who had infiltrated the base. He then shows up while they are interrogating him, only to be captured by the reformed Sai and restrained by Yamato and left under a wood clone's guard. During this he willingly gives up information about Orochimaru's lair, bringing his loyalty further into question. He later escapes and confronts Naruto and his group again, and helps calm down Sasuke. After that, he, Orochimaru, and Sasuke depart.

Kabuto, Orochimaru, and Sasuke arrive at their new hideout in the Sound Country. Over the next year, they are not disturbed at their hideout. Kabuto continues to administer a drug to Sasuke to accelerate the growth of his powers. Orochimaru has also been sending Kabuto on mission recently, mainly to gather information on Akatsuki and Konoha. Kabuto's days at the hideout were spent helping Orochimaru with his experiments, and increasing the power of his regeneration ability to increase the survival rate of the experiments.

One year after the encounter with Team 7, Sasuke realized that he could learn no more from Orochimaru and letting him take his body would still not make Sasuke strong enough to kill Itachi. So Sasuke ran away from Otokagure no Sato to return to Konohagakure no Sato. Orochimaru assigned Kabuto a team to trace down the rogue Uchiha. However, they were seconds too late as they could only watch as Sasuke entered the gates of Konoha. When Kabuto and his team returned to Otogakure, Orochimaru punished the team by making them sacrificees, except Kabuto, for his next experiment.

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PostSubject: Re: Kabuto Yakushi   Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:22 pm

Holy crap, long description, lol, O___O, anyways, approved, please register your jutsus.

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Kabuto Yakushi
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