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 Cherri Misawa

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Cherri Misawa

Female Number of posts : 14
Age : 26
Location : United States of America
Registration date : 2008-08-31

Character sheet
Rank: Chuunin
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PostSubject: Cherri Misawa   Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:32 pm

Name: Cherri Misawa
Sex: Female
Age: 14
Clothes: Baggy, reddish-brown pants. An orange dress that has the sides cut-off from the waist down and pale yellow sleeves that billow out around the arms. A thin rope tied around her waist, the ends hanging down and a blue bead tied to one of the rope ends. Orange slipper-shoes. A black, metal anklet in a wavy pattern on her left ankle.
Hair colour, length, eye colour: Orange hair that goes just below her waist in a ponytail, and green eyes.
Rank/Organization: Chuunin-level
Village: Umiruuka (Whirlpool Country)
Weapons: File, mirror, range finder, scrolls, wire, shuriken, kunai, concealed mouth ember, exploding notes, exploding pouches, exploding smoke grenades, Hyourougan (Soldier Provision Pills), makibishi, senbon (needles), Spike-Wave Zanbatou (Long Sword).
Character Traits: Calm, meditative, wise, logical, indifferent, kind, gentle, secretive, humble, and respectful.
Bio: Cherri was raised in the village of Umiruuka in the Whirlpool Country. Little is known about the country she comes from, as the country is very secretive. She was the daughter of a fisherman and a doctor, but her grandfather had been a ninja. Cherri was always fascinated by the stories her grandfather told her of his battles and missions, and soon wanted to become a ninja as well. Her grandfather trained her in the ways he'd been trained, until he died when she was eight-years old.

Cherri, only three years into her training, was forced to search for another ninja in her village. She finally found an old kunoichi by the name of Miyazuki, and in exchange for doing chores was able to continue her training. At the age of thirteen, Cherri had completed her eight years of training, and was deemed Chuunin-level in skill by Miyazuki. By this time, ninjas had become obsolete in the Whirlpool Country. So, she decided that she would leave the country and find one where she could put her training to use.

Cherri's parents and even Miyazuki were sad to see her go, but knew there was no stopping the young kunoichi from following her dreams. She had learned the jutsu of her grandfather and Miyazuki, and received the few standard ninja tools and weapons the two had had left. Cherri had also gained wisdom from her training and the sage-like advice of the two ninjas, and had become very humbled and wise. Just before she was to take her leave, her parents gave her a special Zanbatou that her grandfather had used in battle called Spike-Wave. With that and a map of the ninja countries, Cherri headed off to find a country that she could live in and do what she loved.
Desired personal rank: Wanderer
Other: Cherri will not get into battle unless it is out of self-defense, defense of an innocent, or part of a mission.
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Cherri Misawa   Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:33 pm

Char Approved

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Cherri Misawa
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