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 Buki Sukin [Finished]

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PostSubject: Buki Sukin [Finished]   Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:48 am

Name: Buki Suki



Clothes: Look at avatar. He wears a shirt which is open a little baggy blue jeans and a pair of black sandels.

Hair colour: Black length:medium eye colour: Red

Rank/Organization: Chunin


Weapons:One big sword

Character Traits: He is good at hiding who he really is he seems like a lazy guy who docent do much and sleeps all day and carrys a big sword because he maybe compencating for something he hates it when people say that. It is hard to tell his skill because he likes to keep peolpe guessing also docent like people worrying about him he can be serious and is serious about protecting.

Bio: He grew up in a family full of ninjas three brohters, mom and dad who were good at nin and genjutsu but he wasnt the best at these and found it hard to fit in in his own family althought he grew up in a good and strong family he was always sad and weak. The reason he was sad was because he was getting bullied in the academy his brothers caught on that something was worng and..*Asked* the bullies to stop. His brothers then talked to him after the talk he was diffrent happier and stronger.

After he graduated and was put into a team he started doing small missons in which he was lazy doing it because they wernt exiting he even fell asleep sometimes. When they trained he would usualy use a wooden sword that was about 5 inches shorter than him becuase his sensie used one just like it. One of his team mates didn't think highly of him he just saw Buki as a wanabe ninja who was copying his teacher he got a surprise one day when he spared with Buki for the first time he lost within five minites. By the time they got there first C rank misson Buki no longer had the big wooden sword but an acctual one what his dad made and he still uses it.

A year later he took the Chunin exam which he thought he was ready for. He easily got past the first part but the second part he had to go throught the forest of death both his team mates were worried because they also had to get a scroll and get to a tower within three days. The first day was easy they got a scroll easily but they had a harder job after that becuase they were getting attack by other teams conctantly. The second day they spent half the day resting and then went to the tower and finaly the third day they made it to the tower. It was announced that there was too many people and they had to do a preliminary round to see who would advance to the final exam Buki was the first of his team to fight and won his other team mates won too.

The opponents were randomly selected for the final round Buki had to fight a guy who was great at genjutsu and ninjutsu plus was very tricky. They had a month to train during that time he trained fericly with his father he spent most of his time learning new justsu , gaining more strength and using his head more. When the day finaly arived he was serious more serious than he had ever been he was first to fight when the fight begon his opponent used a genjutsu to make mist appear and try to take him out early but Buki could easily hear his opponent and knoked him out. But it was only a clone and the real one striked Buki so he couldn't move soo much he thought that would work but only a little the fight from then on was about who could last longer it too 15 minutes iof the hardest fight Buki had done to win but then he colasped from exughten.

Desired personal rank: Chunin


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PostSubject: Re: Buki Sukin [Finished]   Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:06 am

Looks good so far

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PostSubject: Re: Buki Sukin [Finished]   Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:25 pm

Hows this
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PostSubject: Re: Buki Sukin [Finished]   

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Buki Sukin [Finished]
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