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 Deisaso: Forgotten

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PostSubject: Deisaso: Forgotten   Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:59 am

Yaoi again people! But not as much as I had in the last one... in fact, there's not really any yaoi in this, just mentions of it Wink

I'm pretty proud of this one... so please review :3

-- -- -- -- --

Iím once again standing in front of the cinema, waiting for my date to arrive. As mentioned this isnít the first time Iím standing outside to wait for him, and it probably wonít be the last time either.

I sigh and run a hand through my short, blood red hair, making it even messier than it was only a few seconds ago. I think itís about the seventh or eighth time I do so in the past seventy minutes, and if I remember right the movie began playing already fourty-five minutes ago.

As far as my mind go, Iíve figured out that heís not here because he has either forgotten about our date or about me all together.

Unfortunately for me both of these reasons are pretty likely to have happened; it wouldnít be the first time he has cheated on me and forgotten all about our dates and the promises he has made to me.

I had just gotten out of the shower when he called and asked if I wanted to go to the cinema with him. I remember that I had smiled lightly and told him that Iíd love to join him. I could practically hear the grin when he told me where we would meet. After that I had hung up and got dressed in proper dating clothes before getting ready in other ways.

And now Iím standing here. Still waiting.

I donít really get why I keep on waiting though, because I know very well that he wonít show up. Just call in the middle of the night and apologize. But if someone comes up to me and asks why Iím standing outside alone when itís pretty damn clear that my date wonít show, Iíll probably tell that person this simple, stupid thing; I want to keep on hoping.

Hoping that heíll actually show after a bit; after a little while.

And heíll bring flowers and kiss my cheek and mouth and prey to me so that I will forgive him.

But I know damn well that that wonít ever happen.

Now it has been about two hours and Iím still standing outside the cinema waiting for him to show up. The movie has probably reached its end by now, so people will most likely come walking out of the building soon. And just as this thought runs through my head, people begin to walk past me and out on the street.

I watch the couples and get a slight feeling of jealousy when I see a boy and a girl holding each other close as they walk. My boyfriend and I used to do that. In fact, we used to be pretty loving with each other. I guess he just lost interest.

He chooses that moment to walk out of the cinema with his arm over a girl and I feel my heart and chest writhe in mental and physical pain.

I have never really seen him cheat on me before, but he has been quite distant lately so I just guessed that was it. Well that, and my friends has pictures of him making out with some random girl from the street or our school.

Iím about to turn and walk away, but heís turning his head at the same time as Iím turning my body and I stop for a short second.

Our eyes meet and his blue ones widen.

Now he remembers.

I turn fully around and begin walking, but this quickly changes to running as I hear him shout my name.
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Deisaso: Forgotten
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