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 Ikazu Raiken

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PostSubject: Ikazu Raiken   Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:43 pm

Name: Ikazu Raiken

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Rank: Jounin

Village: Kumogakure

Traits: Hyper, Boring, Hungry

Biography: Ikazu Raiken is a prodigy from Kumogakure, He had 1 year until the INT Examination, 1 year to prepare and it was all he needed, He trained with the Raikage, Traveling to different countries, Learning different skills till that year was up, It happened to fast.
It was the day of the examination and he still had to reach Konohagakure, It wasn't far but he was tired and restless, After a few hours on the road and telling some crude jokes to his companions he had finally arrived, The gates to Konoha where magnificent, He gazed in awe as a young Genin pushed past him.
He continued walking to the arena, Stopping for a second to look at the Golden statue of Naruto Uzumaki, One of the former Hokage.
He continued on, only asking for directions once before finally arriving at the Arena, He was pushed in at the call of his name and watched as a little man ran up to him and started measuring his arms and legs, weighing him and asking for his age, He replied swiftly, "17" as he was pulled out and he heard someone mutter, "That is Ryo...".
After hour of running around and doing tests it was finally over, He listened carefully and awaited the moment they would announce the new members of INT.
The short man ran in and told everyone they were announcing now.
The announcer yells "Himoto Aimi" and then half of the Spectators roar, being of the Leaf it was expected.
Again, the announcer yells "Tonou Tamekaze" and there was little sound as the Wind country was far away.
"Himawari Hana" is screamed out but again, The Earth nin and the Leaf nin aren't the best of friends.
Raiken gets frustrated, There was 2 more spots left.
The announcer waits a few seconds "Aokawa Ryu.... No no, Sorry, Aokawa Ryo".
One spot left, Raiken starts pulling at his hair, Who knows what his father would do if he didn't make it.
The announcer mumbles, Obviously not wanting to make another mistake, before screaming at the top of his lungs, "And last but not least, From The Lightning Village, Ikazu Raiken".
I will become Raikage
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Male Number of posts : 6
Age : 22
Location : Melbourne
Registration date : 2008-12-13

Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Ikazu Raiken   Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:59 pm

This is by Ikazu Raiken
The account i am going to make for this character.
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Ikazu Raiken
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