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 Black ANBU Ryuke

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PostSubject: Black ANBU Ryuke   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:24 pm

Name: Ryuke

Age: Unknown ( Looks 18ish)

Buckled and bound leather blue leather gloves and boots. Blue-Black leather Pants and a thick, blue cloth-like robe, with a similar buckled and bound fit leather chest piece. Face-cover collar. ANBU mask.

Hair color, length, Eye color: Medium length, thick, Magenta-blue tone. Blue eyes.

Organization: ANBU

Village: Hidden Rain Village

Weapons: None

Character trait: Quiet, calm, reserved and mysterious. Speaks little and explains less. Motives unknown. Hold a protective bond over Konan, despite lack of connection.

Bio: Taken from the Rain village before the outbreak of the civil war, Ryuke was raised and trained within the confines of the Hidden Leaf village. A quick learner and determined combatant, he spent several years training withing the hidden leaf village. He retained a quiet persona and turned away all who attempted to become his friends.

Sometime at the age of 8, Ryuke was entrusted by his instructors to accompany them on a Rank A mission. Ryuke was killed during an ambush. He however, miraculously arrived a year later, completely intact, though he was always cold, and seem to have unnatural abilities. His mission was the go to the rain village, where he first saw his sister, Konan....

He achieved the rank of Chunnin at the age of 9, and Jounin at 11, finishing with special Jounin at 13. At 14 He was initiated as a member of the ANBU Black Ops.

As to his abilities and his amazing survival, it is supposed he is some sorta of ice clone, or not real or not. Though not common knowledge except by few, Ryuke is in face made of solid ice, and has several such bodies. He transfers his soul from one to another when one is destroyed. Being made of ice increases his capabilities and allows him to remain alive inevitably, though if a shell is destroyed he is incapable of serious battle for days.

He since then has spent the last few years perfecting his Jutsus to a large extent and keeping a careful eye on his sister from the shadows, turning away the occasional threat, and dealing important matters with the ANBU ops, though keeping to himself as

NOTE: His icy form allows him to live without Oxygen, as well as gain partial resistance from Geunjutsus, having no real brain in his body, he soul is the only part effected. He also gains immunity from non-acidic based poisons.

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PostSubject: Re: Black ANBU Ryuke   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:44 pm

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Black ANBU Ryuke
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