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 Shukinko Sorindoh

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Shujinko Sorindoh
Missing Ninja
Missing Ninja

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PostSubject: Shukinko Sorindoh   Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:13 am

Name:Shukinko Sorindoh



Clothes:Heavy shulder pads and forarm armor on one arm and a long ripped up black scarf

Hair colour, length, eye colour:White,6,11 and purple

Rank/Organization: Missing Nin


Weapons:2 special swords,kunai,shurikan,demon wind shurikan,paper bombs,exploding smoke grenade,food pills,makibishi spikes

Character Traits:(im not sure if they allow this) the Jinchuuriki Sorindoh the 7 tailed pheonix

Bio: a battle hardend man that never had a past since the last thing he remembers is when he was 15 and he was thought many justu and many ways of fighting by many masters and in return his master gave him the curse of the 7 tailed pheonix sorindoh and this happend by his master passing down the 7 tailed pheonix and since the master never really enjoyed teaching shujinko he cursed him with the 7 tailed pheonix and after wards naraca left his village wondering many other villages his village was once in konoha but since shukinko never came to his village much and he would do many crimes in the village inorder to learn more justu and in doing so he decided to leave to train in many villages else where and when he became 17 he grew a very powerful muscle and he was capable of lifting up to 300 pounds with one arm and run for 100 miles before becoming tired and he has learned many justu and and now he wonders many villages serching for more power
Desired personal rank:

Other:shujinko's personality is different always sometimes hes normal sometimes hes silent and ther times hes crazy

7 tailed bird

and shujinko can activate up to 5 tails one tail gives him a mayjor increase in power and then golden chakra will surround shujinko and then the form of one tail will form then the chakra will form wings on shujinkos back giving him the ability to jump very high and shujinkos eyes will became golden as well but only the iris then in 2 tailed form the golden charaka surrunds shujinko more roughy and darker and his eyes will then become a stronger and darker golden color and his hair will then form in layers like the feathers of a pheonix but shujinkos hair will stay the same color and his power and speed and jump will be 2 times as powerful then 3 tailed shujinko is roughly the same thing yet the chakra formed tails will then start to from feathers and his entire chakra body will become surrounded in chakra feathers then in four tails real golden feather will grow onto shujinkos bodys and his eyes will become pure gold yet shujinkos hair will stay white and then golden fire will surround his body and if shukjinko is touched a small piece of chakra will be drained from the attacker and shujinko can also shoot from his hands powerful blue fire that drains charka and shujinkos power speed and jump are increased to a very destructive level

5 tailed form:this form shujinko can only activate once every two weeks and his power is now at its peak and by doing so a single punch could cause craters in a conrete building and now the only strange thing about shujinko now is that his feathers and his original 4 tailed apperence is gone and now shujinko looks like himself again accept for 5 glden tails coming up from the back of his waist and 2 very large and beautiful golden wings are on shujinkos back yet strange blue smokey looking charaka will surround shujinko and his eyes will now glow with gold and the ability to shoot blue fire is now so large its roughly as big as the beam naruto shoots from his mouth and even in this pheonix state shujinko stands on 2 legs and his speed and jump are now so powerful shujinko can move at an even faster speed.

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PostSubject: Re: Shukinko Sorindoh   Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:33 am

Ok register 3 jonin-ranked jutsus Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Shukinko Sorindoh   Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:58 am

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PostSubject: Re: Shukinko Sorindoh   

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Shukinko Sorindoh
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